Paying your rent from April 2024. It’s a 53 week year

Every five to six years, the calendar aligns in a way that creates 53 Mondays instead of the usual 52. The upcoming 2024/2025 financial year is one of those years.

Since your rent is charged weekly on Mondays, this means you'll pay rent for 53 weeks instead of 52. The extra Monday also affects Universal Credit payments.

Here's how the extra week impacts you:

This short video and information below explains how the 53 week rent year affects you. You can use the time stamps below to skip to your rent payment method:

  • Weekly: 0.28
  • Monthly Direct Debit: 0.42
  • Monthly (non-Direct Debit): 0.49
  • Every four weeks: 1.17
  • Universal Credit: 1.36


If you pay weekly

There will be no change, you will pay your new weekly rent from 1 April in advance every Monday.

If you pay monthly (but not by Direct Debit)

You will need to calculate the payments you make to us differently this year.

This year you will need to pay 53 weeks rent. For example, if your rent is £200 per week:

If you pay by Direct Debit

On Direct Debit or recurring card payments? Don't worry - we'll automatically adjust for 53 weeks.

If you pay every four weeks

You’ll need to multiply weekly rent by 53 then divide by 13. For a £200 weekly rent:

If you receive Universal Credit

With Universal Credit, the Department for Work and Pensions will only pay for 52 weeks. You'll need to budget for that extra week yourself. For a £200 weekly rent:

If you receive Universal Credit (with two rent-free weeks)

If your tenancy has two rent-free weeks, Universal Credit only pays 50 weeks. You'll need to pay the extra week to cover 51 weeks of rent. For a £200 weekly rent: 

If you receive Housing Benefit

Your local authority will recalculate your Housing Benefit and notify you of any changes.

Other payments

For other payments, use the formula we’ve used above to calculate your new monthly amount and update your payments accordingly.

We’re here to support you

Don’t forget we’re here to help you. If you’re worried about paying the extra week’s rent, get in touch with our Income and Advice team. They can help you with your money matters, whether it’s getting the benefits you’re entitled to or support with budgeting. Call 0300 323 0011 and ask to speak to a member of the team or email them at customer@moat.co.uk.