Changes to your rent and service charges from April 2023

The annual review of rent and service charges has been completed. 

As the cost of living and materials rises, so does the amount of money we need to spend to continue to provide you a safe and secure home. This does mean you will see an increase in the charges you pay from April 2023. You will receive a letter shortly to confirm what these will be for the year. 

We understand things are currently really tough for many of our customers and appreciate that an increase in your charges can be worrying. If you are concerned about paying your new charges, please contact us. We are here for you and can work with you to find a solution. 

Your rent from April 2023
Your service charges from April 2023

There will be an increase in the amount you pay for your service charges and utility bills. This is because of increased inflation and the rising costs we are paying for these services. We do not make a profit from these charges and work hard to ensure that you are charged fairly for the services you receive.

Service Charge Letter
Help and support is available for you

We’re committed to supporting you and we won’t evict anyone because of financial hardship if you engage with us to keep your tenancy on track. Free guidance and advice on benefits and budgeting it available to you from our Income and Advice Services team. The team can also signpost you to other experts and sources of advice, who may be able to help you. To find out what cost of living support is available to you please click here. You can contact the team by calling 0300 323 0011 or emailing: customer@moat.co.uk

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