Extending your lease

Everything you need to know about extending your lease as a shared owner can be found below.

Your lease is a legal contract between us and you (the leaseholder).

Your original shared ownership lease will be for either 99 or 125 years. As your lease gets shorter the value of your share can be affected. This can also cause issues when you re-mortgage as lenders are reluctant to lend on a lease with shorter leases. When a lease has less than 80 years remaining, the cost to extend can increase quite substantially.

We have a voluntary lease extension process available to all of our Shared Owners. You will need to complete our lease extension application form, alternatively we can send or email this out to you. You will need to pay an administration fee and we will arrange for a specialist valuer to visit your home. You can register the lease extension as a home improvement and the added value will be taken into consideration should you staircase at a later date. Where applicable, your lease will be extended up to a maximum of 990 years and ground rent will become peppercorn (£0.00 ground rent). To find out more about lease extensions, please email postsales@moat.co.uk.