Home safety

Keeping you safe in your home

Building safety is one of our highest priorities as we work to make sure you're safe and your homes meet current regulations.

The Building Safety Act was passed on 28 April 2022 to improve building standards, introduce a new Building Safety Regulator and give residents a greater voice. Read more here for information on key changes and new measures the Act will bring.

Routine health and safety checks are carried out on communal lifts, fire alarms, emergency lighting, automatic smoke vents and communal door entry systems by specialist contractors. These contractors also report any other health and safety concerns they have around communal areas; any maintenance required to shared spaces; concerns around resident behaviour and any fire hazards. If you have an allocated managing agent or managing company, they will be responsible for many of these tasks. This is reflected in your service charge payments. 

If you need to raise any health and safety issues which cannot be resolved by your Neighbourhood Services Manager, please email healthandsafetyadvice@moat.co.uk.