Asbestos safety

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used in many building materials. The vast majority of materials pose only a very low risk and asbestos will only pose a risk if the higher risk materials are damaged or deteriorating.

All newly tenanted properties are routinely inspected for the presence of asbestos containing materials as part of our commitment for better and safer homes. Any asbestos that is identified as posing a risk is removed before the property is handed to new customers. Any remaining asbestos containing materials are very low risk and perfectly safe to remain in a property if managed correctly. These materials include floor tiles, textured coating (artex), asbestos cement sheets/water tanks, toilet cisterns and sink pads. You should avoid cutting, drilling, sanding or using abrasive tools on any of these items.

If you have any concerns regarding asbestos, please contact us and ask to speak to the Asset Management Team.